OCT 1300-E

Endoscopic probe

OCT 1300-Е in the mobile workplace

Optical Coherent Tomograph - OCT 1300-E

BioMedTech Llc is a high-tech company specializing on developing various Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain OCT modalities including conventional OCT, two-wavelength OCT, and polarization-sensitive OCT. We also develop OCT systems featuring high NA objectives and dynamic focusing which are also referred to as Optical Coherence Microscopy systems.

BioMedTech Llc in partnership with Optimec Ltd have developed custom OCT systems for:

  • University of Florida , USA
  • University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston , USA Bayer Corp., USA
  • University of California at Berkeley , USA
  • Hannover Laser Center , Germany
  • National Eye Institute, National Institute of Health , USA
  • University of Oulu , Finland
  • Rice University , USA